Friday, August 22, 2014

Who Knows

For most people there are two ways to do things. The easy way and the hard way. Me? Its the clumsy way and the do I really have to do this way?

The clumsy way is where I get it done quickly and as non trippy as I can though there's usually a couple trips.

The other way is where I drag my feet as long as I can and see if I can just forget about doing whatever it is. Unfortunately then I get yelled at and its like seriously? I could be doing something worth something instead of sweeping or vacuuming while there are two other teenagers in the house just as capable as moi.

Of course most of the time, they have redo whatever I just did because I didn't do it exactly the way they wanted. Boo-hoo. They should have just left me in peace then we wouldn't be having this problem now would we?

Stupid siblings. They're younger than me and I'm still the kid on the backburner. Its probably cause I'm not athletic lol. 

10 Things I am not Allowed to do at School Part 1

1. I am not allowed to go up to a red head and ask if they have a soul. 
   -Especially if they're a teacher.
2. When asked by a teacher what the answer is, I am not allowed to say that it is classified.
   -Nor that it is up their butt and around the corner
3. Leaving the classroom for a medical emergency is okay. Leaving because I'm bored is not.
4. I will not add 'as it has been foretold' to the end of any of my sentences.
5. I am not allowed to bring a crucifix to class and try to exorcise any of my classmates.
6. I am not allowed to smile creepily and hum the 'Freddy's Coming for You' while looking at freshman.
7. When asked to write an essay, it is not appropriate to write up a four page essay on why I should not write that essay.
8. Just because I may think someone looks particularly promiscuous today, does not mean I should voice my thoughts out loud. 
9. It is highly inappropriate to start singing 'Cancer' when eating school food.
  -Even if it may give you cancer
10. I am not allowed to reset my watch to two hours ahead and be upset when I get detention for leaving the premise early. 

These are just some of a few things I have always wanted to do, but knew my dad would skin me alive if I ever attempted any of them. I would almost want to do them just to see his face but I would prefer not being grounded. 

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